Illegal takeover of Accotink and Farm
after I tried to expose the accounting at bk467p191
by posting http://www.canweconnectthedots.com .


Does anyone know a just power who would do whatever it takes to expose the accounting trails of the CPA Joanne L. Barnes and the Attorney Edward J. White at bk467p191 and find out where the money went? Exposing this account would lead to all you need to know.

It would require more power than the power of those who don't want it exposed.  I don't have the power. I've tried for twenty years and my reputation has been destroyed for trying. Is there some way to expose this account without those who don't want it exposed using trusting members of the Court and our family to obstruct it?

Can we connect three dots?

(1) The dot for the accounting trails at Bk467p191 being concealed for twenty years.
(2) The dot for killing the messenger who has been trying to expose them for twenty years.
(3) The dot for judgments made without exposing the evidence [bk467p191] for twenty years.

Can we expose the accounting trails at bk467p191 and then judge?


Secretary John Kerry on corruption - facebook.com/usdos/videos/10153318663036074/
   Chancellor Angela Merkel - "The most important currency has been lost and that is trust."

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